Retro Glazing with EVS

Fast and simple to fit, triple glazing for character windows. 

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Retro glazing your home shouldn't be expensive!

The benefits of retro glazing your home are huge, but there have only been two choices, cheap but temporary or costly permanent solutions. Now there is a new EVS choice.


All new glazing technology that makes retro-glazing affordable!

Now there is another option for retro glazing that delivers better value!

The secret to achieving high performance at more affordable prices, is by retaining the existing glazing which reduces installation costs and increases the glazing cavity for extra insulation.

Unique EVS Technology allows windows to breath, removing moisture to maintain warm and dry windows and provide protection against damaging condensation and mould.

EVS Retro Glazing provides greater protection to older character windows that are exposed to the elements by providing a durable protective uPVC cover frame with integrated double seals that prevent moisture reaching the old putty and glass. This uPVC wont rot and can be painted to blend into the existing colour scheme, adding to the character detail of the original windows.


All new Patent Pending Technology
is a totally new glazing system that is designed to fit externally to existing timber windows. EVS’s unique patent pending technology allows trapped moisture to be vented, while providing increased thermal insulation and protection. EVS has the performance of triple glazing but at more economical prices than double glazing. Installation is a lot quicker and easier than traditional retro fitting double glazing to timber windows, which saves money and time.

PVCu insulation and protection
The latest EVS profiles are made from PVCu which can be painted to match your existing timber paint finish. The PVCu profiles provide increased weather protection to the vulnerable putty edges as well as increased the thermal layers to reduce heat loss. The attractive EVS profile adds further character to your existing timber frames.  

    EVS Glazing stops condensation on windows that causes mould and rot. EVS x 3 has a triple layer of protection that stops moist inside air hitting the cold outside glass and preventing the dew point condensation forming.
    Old single glazed windows allow heat from the inside to escape. EVS Glazing units provide single or double air spaces to reduce heat loss and maintain warmer windows .
    Noise can travel through single and double glazing, however EVS offers increased noise protection with a third layer of Plexiglas situated between the inside and outside layer of glass.
    EVS Glazing is a faster and easier product to install which reduces the time and cost. This provides customers with more affordable glazing options compared to retro fitting double glazing.
    EVS is made from PVC-u which is a very robust rot free material. The PVC-u Glazing unit is fixed over old timber and seals off most of the exposed timber and old putty, preventing future degradation and leaks .
    EVS utilizes your existing glass and timber frames so you don’t have to destroy your existing windows or replace the glass that would otherwise be sent to land fills .
    EVS is not visible from your inside view and is an added detail to the outside. EVS can be easily painted and will blend into the existing style of your timber windows making your windows appear smart and new, while retaining their original character .

EVS High Performance Retro Glazing

Higher performance EVS means less heat loss with warmer dryer windows 


Heat Camera demonstrates heat loss.

These images show the heat map from the EVSx3 fixed to the bottom windows and the single glazing along the top windows. The red colour indicates higher heat loss and the yellow indicates better insulation with less heat loss. The EVSx3 panels maintain a similar temperature to the surrounding timber frames, demonstrating how effective EVSx3 is at providing a high performing thermal protection. (Just a note about the red on the middle EVSx3 panel, is a reflection of the heat from the photographer, not heat loss from within the home)


Temperature Comparison Test

Temperature readings from  around a home with different glazing systems. EVSx2 performs well above standard Double Glazing and just below top of the range Xcel glazing. Please note that this test was undertaken by EVS and has not been independently varified. EVS is in the process of getting independent BRANZ testing done, and their results will be made available when they are completed.  

Report -Isothermal Detail Analysis of EVS

Report by BEO LTD (Building Envelope Optimization) 
Read Full (PDF) report


Timber Single Glazing

This thermal model image shows a typical single glazed timber window with the thermal bridging across the glass. The Insulation ‘R’ value is R0.19. Thermal bridging causes moist warm moist air to condense which can cause the mould and rot. There is no heat loss reduction.


EVSx2 Double Glazing

This thermal model image shows EVSx2 Double glazing on a timber window with very low thermal bridging. The Insulation ‘R’ value is R0.35. Moist warm moist will not condense on the inside glass because the inside glass is maintained at a warmer than drew point temperature. There is a 52% heat loss reduction.


EVSx3 Triple Glazing

This thermal model image shows EVSx3 Triple glazing on a timber window with no thermal bridging. The Insulation ‘R’ value is R0.55. Moist warm moist will not condense on the inside glass because the inside glass is maintained at a warmer than drew point temperature . There is a 70% heat loss reduction.

Over 90% reduction in condensation!

These windows were photographed part way through the EVS installation process and record the dramatic improvement of condensation reduction compared to the single glazing panels. Condensation can be totally eliminated by using adequate ventilation systems, but EVS helps to reduce the damaging effects of condensation and moisture from your windows through increased thermal performance.


EVS product and workmanship 10 Year Guarantee

Your timber windows are vulnerable to the affects of weather particularly around the putty and glass junction. These areas are the first to fail with water and sun acting on these delicate edges and opening up cracks where water can penetrate.

EVS provides a greater level of protection by encapsulating the vulnerable putty edges and keeping water and damp away. EVSx3 goes even further to protect your home from noise, condensation and UV damage with its triple layer defence against the sun and moisture.